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Embossers, Seals, and Hole Punches

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Rectangular Hole Punches & Minute Book Hole Punches

When you order your permanent record paper from Lautzenhiser's, it will arrive prepunched to fit your minute book. Occasionally a customer will need to insert an original document into his minute book that is not prepunched. We sell a hand held single hole paper punch to accommodate that customer. This rectangular hole punch tool will punch approximately 5 sheets at a time, one hole at a time. It is designed to punch through paper only. We keep these in stock for quick delivery. The whole dimensions are 3/16" x 7/16". Price: $79.95.

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Lautzenhiser's Stationery offers great service and outstanding quality for your official embossing seals. Your embossing seal can be made with either simple text or with your agency's or company's logo. All our our seals have a hand engraved brass upper die and a Bakelite lower counter die. Our master engraver has more than forty years experience and his craftsmanship can not be matched.

Our embossers are designed to emboss paper only and one sheet at a time. The depth of the impression from manual seals can be varied by how much pressure is applied to the handle. Electric automatic seals are preadjusted to a specific weight of paper. Never use any embossing seal to emboss any kind of self-adhesive label or notary seal, or to emboss plastic or Mylar sheet material as this can damage your device.

Long-Reach Desk Seal

The Long-reach desk seal sits firmly on four rubber feet and is operated by gently pressing down on the "spoon" while the embosser is sitting on your desk. Our desk seal produces a superior embossed image compared to using a hand held embosser. And unlike the hand held (squeeze type) embosser, this seal will not hurt your hand. It will make a beautiful embossed image on single sheets of copy paper, all four weights of our Byron Weston permanent record paper and most business letterhead. (This will not work on heavy stock such as business cards and attempting to do so may damage the seal.) Our desk seal has a 2-1/2 inch reach when measured from the center of the embossed image to edge of the paper. It can be ordered for either a two-inch or a 1-3/4 inch diameter image size. Our embossing seals are all hand engraved onto brass upper dies; the lower die (or "counter" as it is called) is made from genuine Bakelite material for excellent image quality and long life.

Prices for long reach desk seals start at $68.95.

We can also engrave your agency's logo and include that in the embossed image. Please submit your artwork for evaluation and pricing.

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We'd love to answer any questions you may have!

Cast Iron Embossers

This is the "old school" device. We have sold only a few but have repaired many.

For many years, this was the only tool available for embossing important documents. Many cast iron seals are still in use today and work just fine. Because these seals are often very old, many of them need repairs and adjustments. Often the dies have come unglued and need to be remounted. Some times the hinge-pin has broken or the lever is stuck and it won't operate. We can usually get these back in operation for you. Please contact us for instructions on shipping your seal to our repair facility for evaluation.

If your cast-iron seal's handle has broken, we can not help you as replacement parts for antiques are rare not available through us.

There is only one model of the cast iron seal still available to purchase today. Compared to our modern desk seal, the cast iron seal is significantly heavier, much harder to operate, is difficult to service and much more expensive.

Automatic/Electric Embossers

These are for the customer that needs to do repetitive embossing. We sell the Electraseal model D-1 that is activated by a push button switch on the front of the machine. We also offer the Electraseal model FP-1 that is activated with a foot pedal. This allows you to hold the document with two hands. Since this device always applies the same pressure to the embossing dies, we ask that you provide us a sample of the paper you will be embossing so we can properly calibrate it for your specific paper. The Electraseal is made in the USA and has a 12-month factory warranty. The Electraseal Model D-1 is currently unavailable.

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